Ecotur Official Institution

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Ecotur is an official vocational training Centre, offering specialized courses which are recognized all over the world as an official diploma granted by the ministry of education in the Spanish kingdom.

Key Benefits about the Program


VET TRAINING IN TOURIST ACCOMMODATION – HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, which lasts 2 years, (2 courses from September to August), 2,000 hours in total, 1,000 hours each course,


VET TRAINING IN KITCHEN MANAGEMENT that also lasts 2 years, (2 courses from September to August), 2,000 hours in total, 1,000 hours each course

Kitchen Management

Vocational Training in Kitchen Management

Hospitality Management

Vocational Training in Hospitality Management


About Frequent Questions
  • Q. College name?

    ECOTUR VALENCIA PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTER, with address at Avenida de la Orxata No. 33 in Alboraya - Valencia - Spain. VET. Official institution of the Ministry of Education. Attached document.

  • Q. Admission documents requirement

    Passport. Documents of completed studies, IMPORTANT with Hague apostille and sworn translation into Spanish. Recent photo. Medical insurance that covers healthcare (30,000 euros) and repatriation expenses in the event of death. Economical Solvency. Criminal Record.

  • Q. How much gap between studies is acceptable?

    Baccalaureate completed (Upper secondary - High School), and 18 years old at the moment to arrive to Spain.

  • Q. How much time will be required to issue the admission?

    From the moment the student makes the payment, in one week the acceptance documents are available to present to the embassy and process the study visa.

  • Q. Whether college will issue accommodation letter for 1 year?

    YES, If the student enrolls in any of the studies called VET PROFESSIONAL TRAINING program, 12 months’ time.

  • Q. How to apply for a visa to study in Spain?

    Before applying for a Student Visa in Spain, students applicants must get admitted to a program or course. Then student applicants should apply for a visa before three months travelling to Spain. The documents needed vary depending on the country the student originates from, and the program the applicant wants to pursue. Well, you can reach out to 26 Letters to apply for a visa to study in Spain as they offer best in class visa services. Check out their website now at!

  • Q. What are the documents required to apply for a study visa?

    The following documents are required for student applicants to apply for a visa after getting admission from the college:

    • Two completed Schengen Visa application forms,
    • Passport (valid until the end of your stay),
    • ID Card (could be driver’s license or national ID card if applicable), 
    • Current student ID, 
    • Two recent passport photos (one for each application form), 
    • Letter of acceptance from the course provider, 
    • Health insurance, and Proof of sufficient funds to cover stay (bank statements).
    Well, 26 Letters is here to help you out with everything regarding applying for a study visa in Spain. They provide one of the best study visa services. You can call them now and book a consultation.

  • Q. Can I work while studying in Spain with a student visa?

    While studying a program/course, students can work part-time via Student Visa. However, the overall number of hours worked per week cannot exceed 20 hours. And the job must not conflict with the candidate's program. Employers must receive a work permit from the Foreign Office to hire a Student Visa holder. The work contract must not last longer than the study visa.  A work permit will be not required for internships that are part of a course, like in the Vocational training program by Hotel Ecotur, Spain. They are offering internships in Hospitality Management and Kitchen Management and paying students 300 Euros as a part of their paid internship program.

  • Q. Can I stay back in Spain after completing my studies there?

    You have 60 days before or 90 days after the expiration of your student Foreigners Identity Number (NIE) to apply for this permit. The application process can take anywhere from 20 days to three months, so the sooner you apply, the better for you. Any dependents who depended on you during your studies can be included in the visa. However, you can reach out and book a one-on-one consultation with 26 Letters and get all your questions answered in no time.

  • Q. Are the borders open for International Students in Spain?

    Yes. All the borders of the member countries of the European Union are open. The student only needs his study visa and a negative PCR test, obtained between 3 and 5 days before arriving in Spain. Please check the immigration & border services of Spain for further information.

  • Q. What are the Covid-19 travel updates for international students in Spain?

    As answered above, the student only needs his/her admission letter, study visa, and a negative PCR test, obtained between 3 and 5 days before arriving in Spain. No quarantine required for now.

  • Q. What are the special measures being taken in Spain to prevent COVID-19 spread amongst international students?

    In Spain, face-to-face classes at Universities and Institutes started last September. Always in person, never online. And they will end as usual in June, like every year. The pandemic has not affected educational centres. However, the norms of wearing masks, using sanitisers, and keeping social distancing have been strictly followed to avoid any further spread of the virus amongst students.

  • Q. Are universities and colleges currently open in Spain?

    Yes. Normal life in Spain has not changed at all, except in the Hospitality and Tourism, which are working at 30% capacity. Schools and universities work normally.

  • Q. Are universities and colleges accepting international students admission in Spain right now?

    Yes. This year will be a good opportunity for all the international students in all colleges and universities. Last year before the pandemic, Spain was an extraordinary destiny for international students.

  • Q. Do students need to vaccinate before leaving their home country?

    No. It is not necessary nor mandatory yet. They just need an official negative PCR, obtained 3 or 5 days before travelling to Spain.

  • Q. Do students need to have a vaccine passport while at the Port of Entry in Spain?

    No. It’s not required.

  • Q. Do students have to study online before they are made available to come to Spain?

    No. Students' classes have begun face to face, and they can come to Spain and attend classes in-person.

  • Q. Do international students need to file a tax return for the earnings made in Spain?

    Yes. If students make a salary of more than 12,000 euros, they should file a tax present.

  • Q. If I have to file a tax return, then when should I do that?

    At the end of each calendar year, if you have exceeded 12,000 euros in income.

  • Q. Do I have to pay taxes on income I received from my home country while working or studying in Spain?

    No, taxes are only paid on earnings obtained through work done in Spain.

  • Q. What are the credentials I need before filing for a tax return in Spain?

    The salary receipts of all the months worked, provided that all together exceed 12,000 euros.

  • Q. Can I enroll for Hospitality management and Kitchen Management in Spain?

    Yes, you can enroll for hospitality management and Kitchen management-related vocational training programs, courses, and internships in Spain. The vocational training programs by Hotel Ecotur, Valencia, Spain, is a hot topic in the market, as they are providing paid internships in Hotel Management and Kitchen Management at just 13,900 Euros. Students will get 300 Euros along with free accommodation and food services. To get further details on this, check out

  • Q. Why should I choose Hotel Ecotur?

    Hotel Ecotur is one of the most authentic brands in Spain regarding providing Hospitality Management and Kitchen Management courses and paid internships. Also, they are very cost-effective, as they are offering these programs at just 13,900 Euros, with paying 300 Euros each month for 5 months in the first year and another 5 months in the second year as part of the program. Additionally, they offer free accommodation and food which makes it very easy for international students to study as well as work in Spain and explore the best restaurants and hotels.

  • Q. What’s the eligibility criteria for Hotel Ecotur’s Hospitality Management and Kitchen Management programs?

    There are not many restrictions about these programs at Hotel Ecotur. However, a student aspirant should be atleast 12th grade passed in India which is the minimum criteria and they can also be a graduate in any faculty. Also, the age limit for these courses are from 18 to 32 years.

  • Q. How can I apply for Hospitality management and Kitchen management courses at Hotel Ecotur?

    You can contact 26 Letters, who are the master agents for these programs in association with Hotel Ecotur in Asia. They will provide all information regarding Hospitality management and KItchen management courses at Hotel Ecotur.

  • Q. What are the career opportunities after completing a Hospitality Management course?

    A hotel management course not only trains you for the ever-growing Hospitality market, which is a significant segment of the tourism industry, but it also makes you flexible in other service sectors such as insurance, banking, telecommunications, and retail, in addition to being highly sought after in core hospitality units such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, and cruise liners.

  • Q. What are the different industries we can choose after completing a hospitality management course?

    Food Production (Kitchen), Food and Beverage Service, Front Office Management, and Housekeeping are the four main departments of a hotel. Aside from working in one of the hotel departments listed above, hospitality professionals are in high demand in retail, customer service, telecommunications, and IT activated services, among other fields. Because of the training that a hospitality professional gets, he is strongly sought after by all service-related businesses.

  • Q. What are the numbers of hours that will be covered in Hospitality management and Kitchen Management courses by Hotel Ecotur?

    There will be 2000 hours to get covered in the face to face study in these programs by Hotel Ecotur.

  • Q. What will I study throughout my Hospitality management course at Hotel Ecotur?

    The whole syllabus of the Hotel Management course at Hotel Ecotur is broken down into the following order:

    1. Tourism studies (half Spanish and half English lessons)
    2. Internships in Hotel & Restaurants
    3. Spanish Language Studies

  • Q. What will I study throughout my Kitchen management course at Hotel Ecotur?

    Same as answered above, the whole syllabus of the Kitchen Management course at Hotel Ecotur is broken down into the following order:  

    1. Cooking studies (half Spanish and half English)
    2. Internships in Hotels and Restaurants
    3. Spanish Language studies

  • Q. What kind of accommodation students will find while pursuing Hotel Management and Kitchen Management at Hotel Ecotur?

    If you enroll into Hotel Management or Kitchen Management vocational training programs by Hotel Ecotur, you will get comfortable shared accommodation with WiFi, washing machine, refrigerator, sofas, and microwave located in Valencia and its neighboring cities, everything at free of cost. 

  • Q. What will be the living cost for a student in Spain while pursuing Hotel Management and Kitchen Management at Hotel Ecotur?

    In general, Rent, utilities, food, and leisure activities for an individual would cost an average student between 900 and 1000 euros per month in Spain. However, if you are going to enrol on Hospitality management and Kitchen Management at Hotel Ecotur, then you will be getting free accommodation and food services which is one of the best perks of this program.

  • Q. Do I have to buy a private health insurance service in Spain being a student from some outside country?

    If you are going to Spain for more than three months and are from a country outside the European Union (EU), you must buy private health insurance, which covers your whole stay in Spain. It is a must-have for any visa application, as evidence of adequate coverage with the application. Aside from that, the scheme must include a minimum of €30,000 in your health insurance coverage (including evacuation and repatriation services).

  • Q. What about the free medical facilities in Spain for international students?

    In Spain, health care is of high quality and readily accessible. Everyone in Spain is entitled to emergency medical treatment, regardless of citizenship or financial means. While Spanish citizens are entitled to free health care, international students studying in Spain might be required to buy health insurance.

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